Deck Construction

This summer we built a new deck.  Up here, a deck will change your life during winter.  Not only do you not have to clear the snow from the cars, but you don’t have to run outside in your PJs to clear the snow and move the cars when the plow comes to clear your driveway!  Our old driveway was curved and in the shadows, so once the ice formed, it stayed all winter.  Our new driveway is straight, wide, and south facing.  We also get more storage space and took the opportunity to move our fuse box, which used to be in our media room, into the garage.  Another big change is that we now have a “remote fill” for our propane tank which means we don’t have to dig out the access to the tank when it is covered by twenty feet of snow.

We had the absolute best crew working on our garage.  Together they have probably over a hundred years of experience working here on the summit.  Mike Phebus dug our foundation, John Isgreen did the block and concrete and Ron Pawalzyk did all the wood and finish work.

We still have a bit more work to do when the snow melts.  The doorway will be installed, drywall will be put up along with some wall cabinets, and a new stairway on the back side of the house will be installed for a second exit from the house.

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