Our friend Jennifer Montgomery signed us up for a two day class on Rock Art in Nevada.  We spent Saturday with Jen and Dan learning about petroglyphs and the history and worldwide phenomenon of rock art. The afternoon was spent learning how to record a rock art site by placing a grid over the art, hand drawing a version on special grid paper, and preparing it for filing with a photo in the national records.  Most rock art is not recorded, and since our wonderful modern society is so adept at destruction, it is important to record what’s there now, so we can tell it apart from the “modern” forms.

This site was just off of Highway 80 past Reno.  We’re going to go to a much cooler site this summer, but the urge to take our rock hammers is overwhelming — and they don’t look kindly on that sort of thing.  So, we may just end up going to collect opals instead.

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