Eric Enderton and I wrote a chapter for GPU Gems II describing part of Gelato’s hider including a full implementation based on a generally useful C++ GPU toolkit.


A Python and C toolkit for simple animation, rendering and compositing. A micropolygon based renderer with motion blur, depth of field, and procedural shading and geometry via Python plugins. The scene description language is also Python, which means PARC both extends and embeds Python.


Bokeh is a Japanese term describing the quality of out-of-focus regions in a photograph. I describe how to simulate bokeh in a CG renderer. This page contains a bokeh depth of field demonstration and links to the PDF for the Siggraph bokeh sketch.

Shrek Rendering Statistics

Graphs of the rendering log data from Shrek including memory usage, scene complexity and other fun facts.

PDI Renderfarm Statistics

A description of the hardware render farm used at PDI to create Shrek. Details of the machine configurations and interesting trivia tidbits are provided.