Deck Construction

We built a deck this summer. Emily and I are now enjoying the results of our fantastic crew’s great work.

New Year’s 2005

We got a bit of snow this holiday.

Lock Leven

This summer we tried to hike to all the locally known hotspots. Loch Leven is a small lake near the summit where Cici loves to chase ducks.

2003 Tahoe Donner Fire

On the way back from our hike to the John Benson Sierra Club hut, Emily and I saw a fire start near I80 and head up and over the ridge to Tahoe Donner.

May Snow

It was a late snow year up here in Serene Lakes. Here’s some pictures that show what the house looked like on my birthday, May 11th, 2003.


Our friend Jennifer signed us up to go learn about and see some rock art outside of Reno. It was really hard to withstand the urge to bring our rockhammers…

Skiing with Lynelle and Sharon

Some pictures of the last day we went skiing this year. Our friends, Lynelle and Sharon came out for what we thought was one of the last days with snow.

Naomi’s Bat Mitzvah

Photographs of the party following Naomi Wexler’s ascension to adulthood! Ah, tradition.

Cici Wonderdog

What’s up with Cici? Well, she lives a dog’s life in dog heaven aka Soda Springs, so what would you expect?


Emily and I drove out to Salt Lake City to see the 2002 Winter Olympics. We spent a week attending nordic events and watching the best atheletes in the world heat up the snow at Soldier Hollow.

Snowboarding wtih Gilles

A picture perfect day (or two) for my friend Gilles and I to float down the powder at Sugar Bowl and Soda Springs.


Some photos taken right after our wedding as Emily and I left for Half Moon Bay. A beautiful sunset to match the gorgeous bride.