New Year’s 2005

We got a bit of snow this holiday, just like last year.  The first photo is of our house on the corner of Palisades and Soda Springs. The snow blow mound to the right is about 20′ high. The second picture is from Soda Springs Rd looking back at our house. Notice that the street sign is still barely visible (that’s Emily on our street for scale). You can also see that having our snow blower on our deck, and not in the driveway, makes it easy to keep our huge new deck clear so that we can get to the hot tub.  The first picture from our deck (with the dogs on the snow) is from right after New Years, and the one after it is from January 11th and shows the snow about 6′ higher (and that’s before our street was blown by the county). The last photo shows Emily clearing off our dish so we can watch TV.  That dish is at least 10′ off the ground.

This amount of snow is not unusual for Serene Lakes.  However, it is a bit unusual to get it so early in the year and all together.  The old timers up here still consider me to be a “big snow virgin”.

Our friends put on a great New Year’s Eve party complete with fireworks in the 60 mph winds.  One of the rockets veered off course and hit the window of the house, ricocheted into the snow just a few feet from the folks watching outside.  Nobody and nothing was hurt, but it did keep us from lighting off the rest of the explosives!

I’m now on vacation for the entire month of January.  This is the first vacation longer than three weeks that I’ve taken in the last ten years or so.  I’m planning on staying home and skiing the entire time and also doing a few projects around the house.  And, of course, updating the website.

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