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Bokeh describes the out of focus quality of a camera lens. A point that is out of focus will normally be a soft, uniformly dense, circle. Different lens systems produce elipsis or hexagons and different distributions of light across the shape.

Our Siggraph sketch was accepted! You can download the PDF.

This is the scene I’ve used to test out bokeh effects in my renderer. These early tests allow you to define a probability curve over the lens to simulate bokeh.

Select different lens curves and apertures:

The flat line is the standard depth of field probability curve over the camera lens.

The gaussian curve gives a creamy look similar to a Leica lens.

The V and U shaped curves represent mirror lenses similar to telescopes. The second mirror removes some light paths from the center of the lens.

The circles of confusion are aperture controls.

Thanks to my friend, Juan Buhler, who taught me about photographic bokeh and suggested I try to simulate it in my renderer.

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